The Flyte School 2-gram Manual

You’ve probably read the acronym RTFM before. Or had it yelled at you. We’ve put together the top tips for using the Flyte CBG 2-gram cartridge for the best experience.

1 – Prime the cartridge before use

“PRIME” new Flyte cartridges PRIOR TO CONNECTING TO BATTERY, by first by drawing air through them. This coats the ceramic coil with oil before heating and prevents a burnt or metallic taste. Always begin to inhale before pressing the button on your battery.

2 – Make a meaningful connection

Thread cartridge securely onto battery. Regularly check for debris and clean cartridge and battery contacts with an alcohol swab.

3 – With power comes responsibility

Always power down your vape battery when not in use. The button could be accidentally pressed in your pocket or purse – burning out your cartridge, your battery and making a real mess.

4 – Not the good kind of hot

Keep your Flyte cartridge away from extreme heat and prolonged direct sunlight. We’re talking to you, Toronto. Extreme heat can cause leakage. Nobody wants that.

5 – No lying down on the job

Flyte cartridges work best when you are upright. Actually, that’s the only way they work. Flyte cartridges are not pressurized and should not be used while lying down or upside down.

6 – Lose your cool

Avoid letting your Flyte cartridge get very cold – we’re talking to you there, Thunder Bay. In extreme cold, take a few moments to warm up the battery and cartridge before use.

7 – Clogging, not stepping

In the unlikely event you experience clogging, first ensure that there is no debris between the cartridge and the battery. Then, hold the battery button down for 3 seconds and inhale. This will usually resolve the issue.

8 – Puff Daddies and Mommies

Depending on the person, you can expect around 700 puffs from the Flyte CBG cartridge.


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