2017 seems like yesterday

An OG brand for OG people

Welcome to Flyte 2023.

A new chapter for a classic brand. A new direction for a sequel that we're hoping you'll help us write.

Flyte was among the first vapourizer brands to operate in the legacy market. Launching at Vancouver's Sunset beach at the 2017 420 event, the brand quickly attracted attention from legacy consumers and retailers for behaving like a grown-up. The previous brand owners offered consumers 0.8-gram cartridges which delivered quality and value.

The Flyte brand then was not about getting as high as possible, just as it is now. The legal market presents consumers with more vape options than ever and Flyte is, once again, among the first to offer a unique product to Canadian cannabis consumers: a high-capacity vapourizer cartridge. Now boarding is Flyte CBG, a sleek and subtle 2-gram vape with CO2 oils of THC, CBD and CBG. The CBG is derived from plants, not yeast in a lab.

The Flyte personality is also back. And bro-free. Look for it in-store and on Instagram.

That was then

A few people had an idea for a vape. They built a brand around it and went to market. The people rejoiced. Ceased operating to welcome legalized cannabis.

This is now

A few other people took over the brand with new ideas for new products. Continue to build a brand around products that cannabis consumers are looking for.

Buckle up

Flyte CBG is only the first product taking off. Flyte Joysticks are also on the runway - juicy, high-potency pre-rolls will be landing in stores soon.