Cannabis legacy brand to take Flyte once again

Flyte brand coming back to Canadian market with new 2-gram cartridge and infused pre-rolls (Vancouver, BC) One of Canada’s original cannabis brands, Flyte, is headed back to market this February, under new ownership and new direction. The first product, a 2-gram low-profile vaporizer cartridge, will launch in Ontario. Flyte CBG presents 660 mg, 660 mg […]

The Flyte School 2-gram Manual

You’ve probably read the acronym RTFM before. Or had it yelled at you. We’ve put together the top tips for using the Flyte CBG 2-gram cartridge for the best experience. 1 – Prime the cartridge before use “PRIME” new Flyte cartridges PRIOR TO CONNECTING TO BATTERY, by first by drawing air through them. This coats the […]